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Customer Management Software

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Customer activity management

All customer activity, notes and contact information is stored in a comprehensive audit trail. Boost customer service and internal communications by making it easy for any employee to access key customer information.

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Manage customer processes

Don’t leave your customers waiting around. Use our sophisticated customer management software to automate processes, emails, alerts and tasks to ensure customers are responded to swiftly and within agreed service levels.

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Management reports

Create management reports to monitor customer activity by person, team or entire organisation. Easily view charts to see a clear overview of productivity, targets and team performance on the customer management software dashboard. Use the data to plan and anticipate for the future.

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Prioritise customer activity

Set deadlines for activity so that tasks and requests are dealt with in order of priority. View a colour-coded task list by user, team or company to ensure all tasks are dealt with within the specified deadline. 

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Customised customer management software

You choose how your customer management system works. Create processes to follow with alerts and reminders to ensure important tasks aren’t missed. Decide which information you need to collect at which stage and upload documents. 

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What Our Customers Say

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"As a Mortgage Packager we wanted a system that would bring structure and control to our business but at the same time have the flexibility to be designed and configured to meet our own individual company requirements. CasePRO™ brings that control but also allows us to dictate how we want it to work for us, which means we can still be the company we want to be rather than the company our software system forces us to be. CasePRO™ instantly made us proactive on individual cases, it has improved our service and decreased our "days to offer" figures. Backed up with a high quality training and support programme we are certainly glad we placed our trust with CasePRO.”

Just Mortgage Packaging


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